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Joel Connolly: Take the first step

May 6, 2022
"It’s not the status stuff, those things never lead you to be happy. It’s following your heart and following things you believe in and that you want to do."

Georgia Marshall: Humans For Good

June 3, 2022
"...regardless of how impressive or experienced the person is that you’re speaking with, be yourself, back yourself, and know what you can and will bring to the table.‍"

Jeanette Cheah

June 24, 2022
"You know, as the CEO and founder, I've never done this job before, this is my first time doing this job. I'm winging it! (laughs). I'm hoping that I'm doing what my team and my customers and my investors want. And I think one of the secrets you learn as you get older is that no one actually knows what they're doing."

Asami Koike

September 20, 2022
"Something like 0.2% of women of colour founders gain VC funding. That's a wildly small number. So systematically you're set up to fail as well, and that's really hard to wake up to every single morning. You're only one human that can only motivate you so far and push you and be like “yeah, let's go and seize the day - every single day.” There's only a limited amount of energy you have to do that."